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I am thinking of replacing my EV with a gas car and have some questions.
1. I have heard that gasoline-powered cars can not refuel at home while you sleep? How often do you have to refill elsewhere? Is this several times a year? Will there be a solution for refueling at home?
2. Which parts will I need service on and how often? The car salesman mentioned a box with gears in it. What is this and will I receive a warning with an indicator when I need to change gear?
3. Can I accelerate and brake with one pedal as I do today with my electric car?
4. Do I get fuel back when I slow down or drive downhill? I assume so, but need to ask to be sure.
5. The car I test drove seemed to have a delay from the time I pressed the accelerator pedal until it began to accelerate. Is that normal in gasoline-powered cars, or was mine malfunctioning?
6. We currently pay about $8 to fill up our electric car. I have heard that gasoline can cost up to 10 times as much so I reckon we will lose some money in the beginning. We drive about 20,000 miles a year. Let’s hope more people will start using gas so prices go down.
7. Is it true that gas is flammable? Should I empty the tank and store the gas somewhere else while the car is in the garage?
8. Is there an automatic system to prevent gasoline from catching fire or exploding in an accident? What does this cost?
9. I understand that the main ingredient in gasoline is oil. Is it true that the extraction and refining of oil causes environmental problems as well as conflicts and major wars that over the last 100 years have cost millions of lives? Is there a solution to these problems?
10. I have heard that cars with internal combustion-based engines are being banned to enter more and more cities around the world, as it is claimed that they tend to harm the environment and health of their citizens?? Is that true??
I may have more questions later, but these are the most important ones to me at the moment. Thank you in advance for your reply.